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Stories & Legends

Over ten years in the making, Stories & Legends is a 9-track epic instrumental guitar album where each track was inspired by a specific person, place, or story. I did my best to use what I learned about tone poems and program music in school to bring each story and legend to life through music. I went so far as to write a short story to go along with each of the songs. The album is complete with a 22-page digital booklet that contains the short stories and song notes for each track.





When you purchase the album, you will receive a link to a zip file containing the 9 tracks, the short stories and song notes in a 22-page digital booklet, and the album artwork. Buying directly from is the only way to get the digital booklet. 


Track Listing

1 Leprechaun's Reel

2 The Open Sea

3 Healing River

4 Trail of Tears

5 Vivaldi - Summer

6 The Ancient Forest

7 Buster

8 Doc Watson, I Presume

9 Danza Brasilera


Stories & Legends

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