Online guitar lessons via YouTube are great but there comes a time when we all need some personal guidance to get to that next level. You may doubt that you have what it takes to play the music you want or you may have come up against a technical issue that’s holding you back. I’m here to tell you that you do have what it takes. All you need is a personal plan and some guidance so you know exactly what to work on to progress. Here's how it works.  


  • Choose a 30 minute or 1-hour option below and click "Book Now". 

  • Pick an available slot on the calendar.

  • Make your payment via PayPal or the secure credit card option. 

  • Fill out the New Student Questionnaire if this is your first lesson with me. 

  • Bookings and cancellations must be 24 at least hours in advance. 


You can choose to use Skype, Facebook, Facetime, or Google Hangouts for the video lesson platform. There is no obligation for a certain number of lessons. You can book a one-time lesson, make it once per month, or even once per week. Spots are limited and you can email me with any questions at