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Which Guitar Pick Should You Use?

So, does it matter which guitar pick you use? I have a split opinion when it comes to this. Part of me says, "No! It only matters what you are used to, just go practice more." The other part of me says, "Of course it matters! The shape, feel, and thickness of the pick really affects the tone of the guitar. So, what do you think? Is the type of pick you use important? Does it matter, or should you just stick to what you are used to and work on getting better with it? I'd be lying if I told you I didn't waste a ton of time messing around with picks instead of just playing guitar. While experimenting is fun, I guarantee you that I would be a better guitar player if I devoted that time to playing more. I guess this is just an area where the obsessive part of my personality comes out. I hope you enjoy the video. I poked a little fun at myself in the dramatic bit at the beginning. It was pretty fun to make. I've even thrown in quite a few playing examples for both acoustic and electric using six different picks (models listed/linked below) and some household items. ;) Enjoy and let me know what your favorite pick is and your general opinion on this topic.

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