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Top 10 Challenges of Playing Worship Guitar in Church

Want to play guitar in a church worship band? Then you need to know how to deal with these 10 challenges. These tips aren't limited to playing in church though. It can be any band where you have to play a lot of songs in a live setting with a quick turnaround... like a cover band. If you need help in any of these specific areas you can shoot me a personal email or even book a 1-on-1 private lesson with me here. Here are the 10 challenges in no particular order. 

10 - Learning Multiple Songs Every Week

9 - Pedalboard Configuration

8 - Holy Whale Noises

7 - Getting Beyond Open Chords & Bar Chords

6 - Transposing Songs

5 - Knowing Which Strumming Patterns to Use

4 - Getting & Keeping Your Chops Up

3 - Playing to a Click

2 - Being Diplomatic in a Church Setting

1 - Not Relying on Your Gear to Get Better

These challenges may seem like roadblocks but they are really a blessing in disguise. They present us with the opportunity to grow and get better at the guitar and refine the awesome experience of playing live music with other people. Be sure to sign up for email notifications here on the site for new guitar lessons like this one and subscribe to the YouTube channel!

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Need advice on strings, picks, and other guitar gear? Here is the gear used in this video.

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