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Chubby Guitarist Diaries - Volume #1

So, what do you love to do in your life besides play guitar? For me it’s always been exercising, but lately, my exercise has been slipping pretty badly. Of course, my lack of self-control for things like craft beer and Dairy Queen doesn't help, but the main reason for this in the past 6-8 months was my extremely stressful former job that I allowed to throw my life out of balance. I decided it was time to get things back and order and what better way to keep myself accountable than to make my efforts public to the world… or at least to the little guitar community we have going here.

This is just a small way for me to share another thing in life that I am passionate about (exercise) and a fun way to stay accountable and share what’s going on in my personal life with you. I’d love to hear what you are passionate about and any health tips will be fun to check out too. Don’t worry, there will only be 2-3 volumes of the "Chubby Guitarist Diaries". Regularly scheduled guitar lesson type content will be on the way soon!

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Need advice on strings, picks, and other guitar gear? Here is the gear use in these videos.

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