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The first lesson is complimentary, so there is no risk or obligation, just lots of learning in a fun and comfortable environment. 

01 Introduction

Find out what you are in store for over the next few months as you learn to play the guitar.

04 Parts of the Guitar

Familiarize yourself with all of the parts of the acoustic and electric guitars.

07 How to Change Electric Strings

Learn how to change the strings on your electric guitar.

10 Timing

Sharpen your timing. This is one of the most critical skills you will learn.

13 Notes on the E String

Open up the fretboard by memorizing the names of the notes on the E strings.

16 Your First Open Chords

Expand your chord library and technical skills by learning the open A, D, and E chords.

19 Changing Chords Smoothly

Discover some tips for overcoming the biggest hurdle for newer guitarists.

22 Song 2 - "Denial Avenue"

Use all of your open chord and strumming skills to play through this new rock song.

25 Notes on the A String

Add to your knowledge of the fretboard by learning the notes on the A string.

28 Song 3 - "Rockin' Train"

Put your bar chords and strumming to the test with this country/roots song.

31 Picking Single Notes

Start the journey of developing the finer details of single note picking technique.

34 What Do You Do Next?

Now that you have the fundamentals down, you can develop the next part of your plan.

02 Making a Plan

Make a customized plan so you know exactly what to work on in your practice time.

05 How to Tune with a Tuner

Discover how to tune the guitar with an electronic tuner.

08 How to Change Electric Strings

Learn how to change the strings on your acoustic guitar.

11 Strumming Foundations

Develop your core strumming skills by dialing in your foundational technique.

14 Song 1 - "1,000 Steps"

Use power chords and simple strumming to play through your first song.

17 Constant Strumming Technique

Take your strumming to the next level with the Constant Strumming Technique.

20 Open G & C Major Chords

Expand your chord library by learning how to play the open G and C major chords.

23 Capos & 16th Notes

Learn about one of the most useful tools for guitarists and improve your strumming.

26 Bar Chords 2

Level up your bar chord skills by learning the E minor bar chord shape.

29 Music Theory 1

Unlock the power of music theory and how the major scale is made.

32 Lead Guitar 101 - Your First Scale

Discover how to start using scales to improvise solos on the guitar.

03 Which Guitar Should You Buy

Get some practical advice for what to consider when buying your new guitar.

06 How to Tune the Guitar by Ear

Get familiar with a simple two-step method for tuning the guitar by ear.

09 Rhythm

Get the basics of reading rhythms down so you can learn new things faster.

12 Power Chords

Learn the basic power chord shapes and how to move them around the guitar neck.

15 Palm Muting

Add a new rhythm guitar skill that's critical for both acoustic and electric guitar.

18 Warming Up

Add a vital part to your daily practice routine by developing your own personal warm up.

21 3 Open Minor Chords

Add a new color to your guitar playing by learning the 3 foundational minor chords.

24 Bar Chords 1

Take the first step to unlocking the some of the most powerful chords on the guitar.

27 Bar Chords 3

Round out your bar chord shapes and learn the most popular chord progressions.

30 Music Theory 2

Discover how major keys work and how to tell which chords sound good together.

33 Bending Guitar Strings

Learn one of the most expressive techniques on the guitar to take your lead playing up a notch.