blues guitar blueprint

The Blues Guitar Blueprint is the solution you need to take you out of the mundane world of blues scale shapes and into the world of limitless blues self-expression.

beginner guitar system

The Beginner Guitar System is the most comprehensive way to start playing the guitar. 6 DVDs, 4 CDs and a 177 page book all work together to get you started playing the guitar like you have always dreamed of. Check out the official Beginner Guitar System trailer here.

Hey Guys, Welcome To My Official Website!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my official website. If you have never heard of me before let me introduce myself. My name is Nate Savage and my main gig is I started the website in 2009 with Railroad Media. is a community based website that is dedicated to bringing you the best free online guitar lessons. The site has free video guitar lessons, beginner guitar lessons, a guitar forum, guitar jam tracks, TABs, guitar scale lessons, guitar chord lessons, guitar gear reviews, famous guitar player bios, and more!

You can keep up with all of my personal news as well as all of the latest news from I will also post some private guitar lessons on new things that I have been working on in my own personal playing. You can also stay updated on the latest guitar products that I am working on and the latest guitar gear that I have discovered.

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Lick Of The Week Section

I will be adding a lick every week, or just about every week, to the Lick Of The Week section on These licks and TAB will be posted on the forum. If you have any specific licks that you would like to see feel free to contact me.

The Blues Guitar Blueprint

blues guitar blueprintIn July I released my second guitar instructional pack entitled the Blues Guitar Blueprint. I spent almost 5 years working in one of the worlds largest music retailers. During that time I watched, but mostly heard, tons of guitar players struggle with learning how to use their blues scales. I decided that I wanted to show people how to really use the blues scale and not just aimlessly play thorugh scale shapes. That's what the Blues Guitar Blueprint does. It takes you out of the mundane world of blues scale shapes and into the world of limitless blues self-expression.

The Beginner Guitar System

beginner guitar systemMy first guitar DVD training package is the Beginner Guitar System. It is the most comprehensive package for beginner guitar players that I have ever seen. If you have ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar without leaving out any steps along the way, you should check out the Beginner Guitar System.